The importance of a professional web site.

If you go back just a few short years to 1992, there were only about 50 web sites on what was then a very embryonic WWW (World Wide Web). 

Now, it is estimated that this number has increased to about 2 billion sites and that some 4,400 are added every single day. Sooner or later, the WWW will reach the same levels of penetration as television and other media. For this reason alone, it is vital that a business has its own professional web site. 

Remember that a web site is not only a shop-window or a virtual shop but offers many more other opportunities to the owner and visitor alike. It can be a bulletin-board for company information or even a collection of tools to communicate with clients, customers, patients and investors.

Nowadays, the competition is so fierce that a homemade page that has been put together by a friend to try to save money is just not enough. Internet users are getting more and more demanding and summarily dismiss this type of site. Quite simply, these sites do not give confidence to the visitor. For this reason, it is very important to combine an effective design (using the very latest technologies to simplify navigation of the site) together with an attractive design which attracts visitors and is in line with  corporate branding. The best way to achieve this is to use a professional team which is well-versed in such work.

The web site becomes the centre-piece of your business and represents you in such a way that visitors to the site judge you by its cover. If your site does not have a professional feel about it and if it looks as if it has been thrown together, you will be sending out a signal that you are indeed not professional and that quality is not important to you. Let's compare this poorly presented site with a badly-dressed and groomed salesman. Would you buy whatever he is selling? Would his appearance give you confidence in what he is offering?     

Equally, let's not forget that web-design is different in many respects from traditional design-work. With these sites we need to consider a number of factors besides the visual appearance. We could include its structure, functionality, speed of navigation and the presentation of the information in a manner that assists its positioning in the main search-engines. 

Consider also the benefits of dealing with industry professionals to manage your site as there are many aspects to consider. A web-site will not be seen in the same way by all the different types of computers that now exist. There can be differences according to such factors as screen resolution, which browser is being used, the operating system and many other variables. A professional team will always take into consideration all these factors in order to produce the absolute best possible web-site for your business. 

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The importance of a professional web site.