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Spybot–Search & Destroy

This popular Anti-Spyware program has been around for many years.  Possibly, the reason for its popularity is the story of where it all started.  Many people are loyal to Internet security programs with which they are familiar and faithfully consider their favourite.

Spybot-S&D written by the German software engineer Patrick Michael Kolla is distributed by Kolla's Irish company Safer Networking Limited.  Development began in 2000 when Kolla, while still a student, wrote a minil program to deal with some of the earliest examples of adware.

It is always worth doing a bit of research into which Anti-Spyware program to use, as similar alternatives are continuously improving.  The current consensus seems to be that Malwarebytes is better, but Spybot-S&D is a good secondary detection program.  Unlike the Anti-Virus program, it is possible to use several Anti-Spyware programs on the same PC.  Many use Malwarebytes as a favoured program then run one of the others, like Spybot-S&D, as there are new threats appearing all the time.

Known Conflicts

Be aware that there are known conflicts with some popular Anti-Virus programs such as Norton, Kaspersky and Trend Micro.  These conflicts will be as much political as practical! 

The immunisation feature of Spybot–S&D caused Internet Explorer 8 to start slower than expected but a fix was issued to resolve this problem.

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Internet Security - Search & Destroy!