BGE hosts a successful Visitors Day

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The Business Group España held yet another very successful Visitors’ Day on the 16th November, 2011.  The event was held at La Torre Hotel, Montesinos, at 8am.  This is the normal time and place for the regular BGE weekly breakfast meetings, which are usually timed to finish at 9am.  On the occasion of the special Visitors’ Day, however, in order that all the visitors could be heard, the meeting closed at 9:25am.

A total of thirty seven visitors attended and were welcomed by the President, Miguel Moreno, at the opening of the meeting.  Miguel Moreno then gave a brief overview of the aims and policies of the BGE before introducing the Vice President, Manuel Segarra.  As part of the function of the Vice President is to keep track of statistics and progress, Manuel Segarra displayed impressive figures on the screen including the number of business referrals to date and the recorded value of those referrals passed.

Warwick Turner, BGE Treasurer, was then asked to give a brief statement.  As an original BGE member, Warwick Turner defined the importance of the 60-second Infomercials and the 10-minute Presentation that take place at every weekly meeting.

Débora Yunis, BGE Secretary, gave details of membership and how to join the BGE before initiating the Business Card Competition.  The collector of the most business cards during a light-hearted two-minute period was declared the winner and was presented with an 8GB pen drive.

The meeting was called to order for the most important part of every weekly meeting, the Referral section.  As always, the mood became solemn as Javier Lizana, the Master of Ceremonies, started collecting and distributing each business referral.  Visitors looked on with interest as each Referral slip was passed from the giver to the receiver.

When the Referrals were counted and a total of 37 referrals had been announced, Miguel Moreno formally closed the meeting.  Several eager visitors immediately pursued the Secretary for a Visitors Pack.  Some had already made the decision and submitted their Application Forms along with their subscriptions to join the BGE.  They had understood that their professional category might not be vacant for long!

BGE are actively looking for genuine businesses to network with.  If you are looking for more business, please log in to to see which categories are vacant or telephone the general administrator on Tel. 96 571 5957.

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BGE hosts a successful Visitors Day