Mr Gift Promotional Products

MisterGift advises companies not to spend money on gifts for their customers - a purchase of promotional items is made to get a return.

 One euro spent on a company promotion or publicity, if not to get another euro, is expensive.  In these difficult times of crisis, you may get the loyalty of your customers and also increase your portfolio of new clients with innovative ideas and products that leave a mark.

 Our company can help this cheaply and effectively. Now is the time to promote your business through imaginative gestures.  To give is to receive, if you give a business card ... why not also give something useful and friendly, and that will last over time?

INTERESTING OFFERS - Items that are not thrown away - that last and are useful.

- PORTFOLIO OF ALUMINUM.  Designed to carry the cards and tickets efficiently in an accordion arrangement.

  • Shock resistant and waterproof.
  • Comfortable for any pocket or purse.
  • Opening system in a click.
  • 6 compartments.

Price: 5.08 €. Amount from 50 units.
Cost of tagging a colour: 1 € / unit for 100 units.

- POINTER PEN FOR capacitive screens.  Compatible with Iphone and Iphone.

Price from € 1.08.
Cost of tagging a colour: 1 € / unit. for 100 units.

- METAL CUTTER PROFESSIONAL. Straight, about the size of a pen.

Price: 0.62 €
Cost of tagging a colour: 0.91 € / unit for 100 units.

VAT not included.


Mr Gift Promotional Products