ROYAL DECREE 27/2012 on suspension of evictions the most vulnerable.

The Spanish government has approved a Royal Decree to stop evictions of vulnerable people, but which does not affect the foreclosure process.

Evictions will be frozen for two years for the most vulnerable social groups.  This includes large families with children under three years old, the disabled and the unemployed without benefits.  It also includes debtors who are unemployed and victims of domestic violence. The proposal is the creation of a hosing estate of rented homes for all those facing eviction.

The concept is intended for people who are in this situation to allow them two years to stay in their house from which the eviction is temporarily delayed.

This plan has two urgent measures to alleviate the effects of possible evictions suffered by those affected:

1. Protect those with a lower annual income (below 19,200 euro counting two extra payments).  Thus, the final phase of this process will halt for a period of up to two years for people who have lower incomes, have large families with children under three years, disabled or dependent, unemployed borrowers without benefits or victims of domestic violence.

2. To create new social housing for the homeless due to these circumstances. This scheme will provide subsidised housing with economic rents.

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