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Chimeneas Candela - BBA and Summertime !

To enjoy more of your summertime ! Different choices, reasonable prices and new BBQ sets fr
from 8,95€ ... Ask us for free information


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Matt Grafix - A3 + size digital posters - 5000 a5 flyers 2 sides form 129 euros

A3 + size digital posters - printed the same day send us your design and we can print you A3 +posters from 0,40 cents each depending on quantities. We can also print any size form smaller ones to very large posters

5000 a5 flyers 2 sides form 129 euros price for delivery aprox 10 days

price for urgent delivery 2-4 days 159 euros

iva, artwork not included

please consult for more offers!

Colour POSTERS from 0,50 cents or 5000 flyers 129 euros

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A & G Lawyers - Special offer for urbanisations

We provide Administrator services in respect of communities no matter how many properties are involved which may include communal pools, gardens, streets, lighting, etc.

We can guarantee a minimum of 20% discount on your current costs.

Please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient non-obligatory appointment with the Presidente.

Quote available on request


Mattgrafix, your local specialist for signs, printing and design would like to inform you of his latest offer.

Rollup exhibition stand 200x85 cm, from €79 (valid for 3 units) or one unit from 99€. Graphics & transport bag included.
Artwork, delivery and IVA not included in the price. Offer valid while stocks last!

contact Matt on Tel: 966 265 074 or email

Visit our website for all the latest offers

Taller/Workshop :
C/ Chipiona, 18 - Urb. Blue Lagoon - San Miguel de Salinas -03193 Alicante.

Open Monday – Friday : 9-18 hrs Appointment advisable.

DROP OFF POINT Monday – Friday 9-18 hrs. Tel: 966 265 074, Quesada Business Centre, C/. Los Arcos 7, Ciudad Quesada, Alicante 03170.

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Chimeneas Candela - Patio Heaters


With our Patio Heaters, you can take the chill off the air and enjoy eating and entertaining outdoors. Stay warm and snug and breath the evening΄s cool air with our range of outdoor heaters.

Special Offer now at CHIMENEAS CANDELA, just two Gas Patio Heaters at the Special Price of €350 each.

Come and test before you buy.

Chimeneas Candela
Capitan Lagier, 8
03202 Elche – Alicante
Tel: 96 542 5216 / 649 039 351

€350 each

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A & G Lawyers - Legal matters

We can offer to act as Arbitrators whenever there are disputes and the decision is legally binding. Avoid long delays and high court costs by including a clause in your Contracts/Orders to clients/customers. So for example, non payment of bills can be claimed outside court.
If you would like more information on this service, please contact us.

Chimeneas Candela - We make your house a home !

Do you have an Open FIREPLACE ?
Are you fed up with smell and smoke ?
Don΄t you get enough Heating from your FIREPLACE ?
CHIMENEAS CANDELA recommends you to fit in your fireplace a LOG BURNER INSERT or a PELLETS INSERT.
It is the very best , clean, efficient and comfortable way of heating.
At CHIMENEAS CANDELA, "We make your house a home."

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A & G Lawyers - Important Announcement!

We would like to advise you that we are a multi national practise and speak Spanish, French, Italian, English and German. One main feature of the law firm is to provide "all round" legal solutions, and prior to any legal disputes we offer a Consultancy service.

We have extensive experience in setting up and assisting in the running of businesses, acting as Arbitrator when there are disputes in the workplace.

All communities require Administrators and we offer very competitive rates.

We can guarantee at least a 15% discount on current fees.

For an initial "cost free" meeting to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

15% reduction

Malimi Costa Blanca SL - Looking for a comfortable low- budget stay ?

You would like to discover the Costa Blanca region , or searching  for accomodation during your inspection trip ,  or looking for a low-budget stay  for your friends or family ? Malimi Costa Blanca can offer you a special all in price  !  ! Only 35€ a night, including breakfast 45€ for 2 persons i ! Or a special 3 days stay including : airport transfer , accomodation for 2 persons , continental breakfast , a trip to discover the region and house vieuwings. And not to forget : a visit to a real Spanish restaurant !   This all only for only 189€ for 2 people ! Extra days possible for only 30€ a day! Ask us for free information , or contact us by e-mail


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Matt Grafix - Creating images to improve yours!

Are you looking for top quality printing at affordable prices? Look no further. Contact Matt Evans of Mattgrafix on 651 597 586 today.

Long established, reliable and spanish registered.

from 0.50 cts.

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Matt Grafix - Changeable Graphics

New product - frames with changeable graphics for making frames in any size, including complete walls, i can be fitted to
the wall or cieling, i side only, usefull for all sorts of decoration , stands, displays etc.

50x70 cm. Marco + Textil - Frame + graphic 50 € (minium price for 1)

70x100 cm. Marco + Textil -Frame + graphic (75 €)

80x120 cm. Marco + Textil- Frame + graphic (90 €)

100x100 cm. Marco + Textil- Frame + graphic (95 €)

100x200 cm. Marco + Textil- Frame + graphic (144,46 €)

200x200 cm. Marco + Textil- Frame + graphic (232,98 €)

300x250 cm. Marco + Textil- Frame + graphic (380,61 €)

Solo textil - Graphic only 50x70 cm (25 €)

Solo textil -Graphic only 70x100 cm (40 €)

Solo textil -Graphic only 80x120 cm (45,16 €)

Solo textil -Graphic only 100x100 cm (46,44 €)

Solo textil -Graphic only 100x200 cm (85,66 €)

Solo textil -Graphic only 200x200 cm (156,88 €)

Solo textil -Graphic only 300x250 cm (€279,71€)


50x130 cm (265,09 €)

75x150 cm (323,37 €)

85x200 cm (397,33 €)

120x250 cm (533,18 €)

150x300 cm (678,73 €)

250x200 cm (710,73 €)

300x250 cm (932,67 €)

Recambio 50x130 cm. 1 Cara 1 SIDE EXTRA (45 €)

Recambio 75x150 cm. 1 Cara 1 SIDE EXTRA(60 €)

Recambio 85x200 cm. 1 Cara 1 SIDE EXTRA(85 €)

Recambio 120x250 cm. 1 Cara 1 SIDE EXTRA(125 €)

Recambio 150x300 cm. 1 Cara 1 SIDE EXTRA(176,49 €)

Recambio 250x200 cm. 1 Cara 1 SIDE EXTRA(192,49 €)

Recambio 300x250 cm. 1 Cara 1 SIDE EXTRA(279,71 €)

IVA not included in the price.

Specially indicated for making large and attractive freestanding pictures, separators, walls, stands, etc .,

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